Tiago Ferreira and Hans Becking are the winners of Brasil Ride’s 10th edition

Henrique Avancini and Manuel Fumic are runners-up. Among women, Viviane Favery and Tania Clair are the champions. The ultramarathon has seen its champions on Saturday morning (26), in Arraial d'Ajuda, Porto Seguro (BA)

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The 10th edition of Brasil Ride, the main mountain bike ultramarathon in the Americas, was decided on Saturday morning (26), in Arraial d'Ajuda, Porto Seguro (BA). The crowd that filled the venue welcomed champions Tiago Ferreira (POR) and Hans Becking (NLD), from DMT Racing Team, and Viviane Favery and Tânia Clair Pickler from Cannondale Brasil Racing / Soul Cycles. The seventh and final stage of the competition was 46 km long at Arraial d'Ajuda, starting one hour before the Discovery Marathon, where 1,800 cyclists joined the 570 participants of the seven-day stage race.

The decisive round had Specialized Racing Czechs Jaroslav Kulhavy and Matous Ulman as fastest of the day in 1:43:45. Their countrymen, Kristian Hynek and Martin Stosek, Vitalo Future Cycling PWD by Canon, were runners-up, finishing in 1:44:41 - right ahead of Cannondale Factory Racing's Henrique Avancini and Manuel Fumic (GER). In the overall standings, Tiago Ferreira and Hans Becking secured the title with just over 7 minutes gap ahead of Avancini and Fumic, with Kulhavy and Ulman completing the top 3.

While Tiago Ferreira secured his second title, Hans Becking equaled Jiri Novak (CZE) and Henrique Avancini as the event's biggest champions, with three wins. "Super Glad" with the win we had been seeking for a long time. I finally won again and Hans got the third title. A very positive week, without breaks, and we were very regular," said Tiago. "This Saturday we just had to get the bikes to the finish line, in order to win the race. Until the middle of the stage we managed to pass the difficulties quietly and in the end we decided not to ride so fast, and just enjoy the final kilometers and celebrate the work done this week," added Tiago.

"I'm so happy to be with Jiri and Avancini on this three-timers list. It was an incredible week. Avancini and Fumic have made the race hard for us. We fought hard for the first place overall and we did it. It was really hard. It means a lot to me to end the season with this title. Our team did a great job, including our second team with Andreas and Jose, as well as our manager Andrea. In a tough race like this you do not define a strategy, it is made day after day. In the seventh stage the idea was take no risks", analyzed Hans Becking.

Although recognized for being very competitive and always aiming for the top of the podium, Henrique Avancini made a positive assessment of the 10th edition: "My whole season was very good, very high level. I competed in several disciplines, from February to October I won important events and was always close to victory, no matter who I was competing against. Once again I delivered a good performance at Brasil Ride. I was active, attacked in search of the win and worked well with my teammate since we are in a team race. I leave somewhat more motivated for 2020, after the 'almost' I had as runner-up for Brasil Ride and Cape Epic, second in the world ranking and third overall in the World Cup. This all leaves me with more grit for next year," commented Avancini.

Women’s elite With a 24-minute lead ahead of the second place, Viviane Favery and Tania Clair Piclker also needed a smooth ride to secure the title. And so it was. They were runners-up in the stage, behind Letícia Cândido and Hercília Najara, Audax Corinthians / Tripp Aventura, to celebrate their win overall. The sage podium was completed with Jaqueline Mourão and Danilas Ferreira, Sense Factory Racing / Tropix Brasil, the duo that guaranteed the win in American women category, and the second place in the marathon. Leticia and Hercilia completed the top 3 overall.

"We didn't come as favorites, but we relied on our strategies. We gave all we had. We closed the year with an important score in the Olympic and world rankings. It was a year of hard work and so far I had no title. Closing the year with this achievement in Brasil Ride is very important. We never gave up and it was very hard to get here. Now let's celebrate," said Vivi Favery. "It was the most important victory of my career," cheered Vivi. 

Her partner, Tania Clair, was happy too. "The most important factor was our consistency in the race, not wanting to risk but at the same time making very important decisions at the right times. We planned a lot and the balance of the duo was decisive for us to be able to complete this Brasil Ride dream", celebrated Tânia. "This year was different because for the first time I was able to dedicate myself to mountain biking the whole year. I had to split my time between the two sports, but now I could dedicate exclusively. I spent a year out of cross country and I was startled when I came back, women's mountain biking had an enormous development. It's beautiful to see how strong the women are and the sport is growing in Brazil," she said.

Results Stage 7

1- Jaroslav Kulhavy (CZE) / Matous Ulman (CZE) – 1h43min45
2- Kristian Hynek (CZE) / Martin Stosek (CZE) – 1h44min41 
3- Henrique Avancini (BRA) / Manuel Fumic (GER) – 1h45min41
4– Sebastian Fini (DEN) / Julian Schelb (GER) – 1h45min43
5- Halysson Ferreira (BRA) / Nicolas Rafhael (BRA) – 1h46min13
6- Tiago Ferreira (POR) / Hans Becking (NED) – 1h46min22

1- Letícia Cândido (BRA) / Hercília Najara (BRA) – 2h11min05
2- Viviane Favery (BRA) /Tania Clair (BRA) – 2h15min02
3- Jaqueline Mourão (BRA) / Danilas Ferriera (BRA) – 2h17min33
4- Janildes Fernandes (BRA) / Julyana Machado (BRA) – 2h19min25
5- Ivonne Kraft (GER) / Ana Clara Souza (BRA) – 2h29min16

Finals results – after Stage 7

1- Tiago Ferreira (POR) / Hans Becking (NED) – 21h41min17
2- Henrique Avancini (BRA) / Manuel Fumic (GER) – 21h48min40
3- Jaroslav Kulhavy (CZE) / Matous Ulman (CZE) – 21h56min03
4- Kristian Hynek (CZE) / Martin Stosek (CZE) – 22h17min21 
5- Sebastian Fini (DEN) / Julian Schelb (GER) – 22h26min13

1- Viviane Favery (BRA) /Tania Clair (BRA) – 28h41min30
2- Jaqueline Mourão (BRA) / Danilas Ferriera (BRA) – 28h58min02
3- Letícia Candido (BRA) / Hercília Najara (BRA) – 29h54min24
4- Janildes Fernandes (BRA) / Julyana Machado (BRA) – 33h15min50
5- Ivonne Kraft (GER) / Ana Clara Souza (BRA) – 34h23min40

Stage winners

Etapa 1 – Henrique Avancini (BRA) / Manuel Fumic (GER)
Etapa 2 - Tiago Ferreira (POR) / Hans Becking (NED)
Etapa 3 - Henrique Avancini (BRA) / Manuel Fumic (GER)
Etapa 4 - Tiago Ferreira (POR) / Hans Becking (NED)
Etapa 5 - Tiago Ferreira (POR) / Hans Becking (NED)
Etapa 6 – Sebastian Fini (DEN) / Julian Schelb (GER)
Etapa 7 - Jaroslav Kulhavy (CZE) / Matous Ulman (CZE)

Etapa 1 - Letícia Cândido (BRA) / Hercília Najara (BRA) 
Etapa 2 - Viviane Favery (BRA) / Tania Clair Pickler (BRA) 
Etapa 3 - Letícia Cândido (BRA) / Hercília Najara (BRA)
Etapa 4 - Jaqueline Moura (BRA) / Danilas Ferreira da Silva (BRA)
Etapa 5 - Viviane Favery (BRA) / Tania Clair Pickler (BRA)
Etapa 6 - Viviane Favery (BRA) /Tania Clair Pickler (BRA) 
Etapa 7 – Letícia Cândido (BRA) / Hercília Najara (BRA)

Brasil Ride - all the champions

2010 - Kristian Hynek (CZE) / Robert Novotney (CZE)
2011 - Kristian Hynek (CZE) / Robert Novotney (CZE) 
2012 – Tiago Ferreira (POR) / Luis Pinto (POR) 
2013 – Henrique Avancini (BRA) / Sherman Trezza (BRA)
2014 - Hans Becking (NED) / Jiri Novak (CZE)
2015 – Hans Becking (NED) / Jiri Novak (CZE)
2016 - Fabian Rabensteiner (ITA) e Alexey Medvedev (RUS)
2017 – Henrique Avancini (BRA) / Jiri Novak (CZE)
2018 – Henrique Avancini (BRA) / Manuel Fumic (GER)
2019 - Tiago Ferreira (POR) / Hans Becking (NED)

2010 – Celina Carpinteiro (POR) / Ivonne Kraft (GER)
2011 - Adriana Nascimento (BRA) / Sabrina Gobbo (BRA) 
2012 - Adriana Nascimento (BRA) / Adriana Genovesi (BRA)
2013 – Rebecca Rusch (USA) / Selene Yeager (USA)
2014 – Sonya Looney (USA) / Nina Baum (USA)
2015 – Raiza Goulão (BRA) / Viviane Favery (BRA) 
2016 – Isabela Lacerda (BRA) / Letícia Cândido (BRA)
2017 – Raiza Goulão (BRA) / Margot Moschetti (FRA)
2018 – Sandra Santaynes (ESP) / Anna Ramirez (ESP)
2019 - Viviane Favery (BRA) /Tania Clair Pickler (BRA)

About Brasil Ride - Considered the Giro d'Italia of Mountain Biking, the ultramarathon scheduled for October 20-26 offers a strong challenge for 570 participating athletes from 24 countries. For seven days, they will face about 600 km and almost 11,000 m of accumulated altitude, between trails and dirt roads that connect Arraial d'Ajuda, in Porto Seguro, to Brasil Ride Village, built annually in Guaratinga. On the last day of the competition, Saturday (26), more than 1,500 cyclists from all over the country join the stars of the international mountain bike, for the Marathon of the Discoveries race. A unique opportunity to ride and see the world's best mountain bikers in action.

The Brasil Ride ultramarathon is sponsored by the Government of Bahia, Land Rover, Shimano, Specialized and Unidas. Coca-Cola, Conect Car, Full Gas, Garmin, LAF Insurance Broker, La Maglia, Oakley, Red Bull, Shop2gether, Squirt, Vittoria and Thule are supporting companies, as are the municipalities of Porto Seguro and Guaratinga, as well as the Pau Brasil National Park are the institutional supporters of the event.

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