Brasil Ride celebrates 7th edition with style in the south of Bahia

During one week, mountain bikers from all over the enjoyed the trails and the dirt roads of Arraial d'Ajuda and Guaratinga. UCI Commissioner Jim Bratrud praised for the event

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Arraial d’Ajuda (BA) - Brazil experienced a historic moment for international cycling during the last 10 days in the Discovery Coast. The seventh edition of the biggest MTB ultramarathon of the Americas was based in Arraial d'Ajuda, in the municipality of Porto Seguro, and Guaratinga between 15 and 22 October, with 500 cyclists from 23 countries riding for the title of the seven-day race - plus 1,000 participants of the Marathon XCM Brasil Ride, the closing event held during Brasil Ride’s last stage on Saturday (22).

"After six years, Brasil Ride reinvented itself. We’ve came to the Discovery Coast and made a historical edition. The best mountain bikers in the world faced the cliffs and mountains of Southern Bahia and left the country amazed by the beautiful scenery and the warm welcome of the Bahian people. With full support of our sponsors, the Government of Bahia, Sudesb and Porto Seguro city, it was possible to offer a unique competition and a great life experience for all participants", said Mario Roma, founder of Brasil Ride.

Nine Brasil Ride titles were awarded. The most important was the Open Category and the competition for the Yellow Jersey was tough. The Trek San Marco team, formed by Fabian Rabensteiner (ITA) and Alexey Medvedev (RUS), got the better out of it and were crowned champions for the first time. In the Ladies category, another first-time title for Isabella Lacerda and Leticia Cândido. The American Men category was won by Sherman Trezza and Wolfgang Soares, and the American Women title went for Janet Correia and Joana Nobrega.

In the Mixed category, victory was conquered by Italians Annabella Stropparo and Piero Pellegrini, in their fifth participation in the event. In Masters, Bart Brentjens (NED) and Abraão Azevedo got their fourth consecutive title - another successful history for a partnership born at the event, in 2013. It was Abrãao ‘s seventh title: he is the only rider to win all editions. In the Grand Master category, Heleno Borges and Paulo Felipe Vasconcelos were the champions. Corporate winners were Diego/Edson/Robson, and heavyweights Nelore champions were Gerson Muhlbauer Junior and Marcelo De Oliveira.

Praise from UCI - Reporting the competition for UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), Commissioner Jim Bratrud, from Canada, had some praise for Brasil Ride’s organization. "I have colleagues, other UCI commissioners, who had come to Brasil Ride in the past. The event has a very good reputation. So, I was very excited to come here and check it out the good things I have heard about Brasil Ride", said Jim. "I'm very, very impressed with the event. The organization is one of the best I have ever seen and that's not an exaggeration. Everything from the five-star food to the camp were made with excellent quality. Things that are not common to find in stage races too often", he added.

"There are difficulties to travel for a place so distant and the accommodation and the camp set up was excellent. And I was also very impressed with how tight the organization was. It was a very close family organization. Everything I needed they did it immediately. There was no hesitation, no complaining. It was a very nice organization and I'm very impressed", said Jim. "I would come back to Brasil Ride for sure. I'm a big fan of açaí and that was the first thing I thought about when I found out that I was going to Brasil Ride".

Unique infrastructure - Brasil Ride was a chance for athletes to live a unique experience in Bahia. The infrastructure numbers for a two host cities event are impressive. There were 10,000 liters of water distributed in the seven stages, 6,300 fruit units and 5,500 meals served. 60 tents, including two with 500m2, 700 sleeping tents, 16,000 meters of bump tape and 47 vehicles traveling the routes of the race between cars, motorcycles,quads, ambulances and truck were used.

There were two race villages for the first time. The Vila Brasil Ride in Arraial d'Ajuda (Porto Seguro) and the Fazenda Conjunto Boa Vista Vila, in Guaratinga, offered the infrastructure that riders and staff needed for the event. Athletes, staff, volunteers and members of the organization were accommodated in a real city set up to 800 people especially for the competition.

Boa Vista, a farm on the outskirts of Guaratinga, offered complete infrastructure for the athletes. The main restaurant offered breakfast and dinner. There was a Brasil Ride lounge, a space for hang out, and bars for drinks and fast meals (pasta, hamburgers, açaí...). The farm featured container bathrooms and showers; massage spaces, bike wash area, bike park, Shimano Neutral Support, Medical Center, electric outlets for cellphones, GPS and cameras and a water spot.

A lot of work - While the best cyclists in the world pedaled more than 550 km with an accumulated altimetry of about 11,000 meters during the seven days of Brasil Ride, the Shimano Blue Angels gave all necessary assistance to athletes through Neutral Support. 16 mechanicals made more than 1,500 calls, using 30 liters of lubricant. There were 1,100 Adjustment Derailleur, 30 revised suspensions, 80 brake bleedings, and 40 wheel alignments. In total,four tons of equipment passed through the hands of 16 mechanics who worked in Shimano tents.

About Brasil Ride - Brasil Ride’s 7th edition had 250 teams from 23 countries. The event is a UCI Class S1 race and champions for the Open and Ladies categories are awarded 120 points in the world rankings. Competition born in Bahia, the ultramarathon was held in his first six years in the Chapada Diamantina, until arrive at the Discovery Coast in 2016. The event is organized by Roma Comunicação and Instituto Brasil Ride.

Official videos:
Stage 1 - Prólogo de 21 km em Arraial d’Ajuda

Stage 2 - 128 km - Arraial d’Ajuda and Gauratinga

Stage 3 - 92 km - Guaratinga

Stage 4 - 85 km - Guaratinga

Stage 5 - 134 km - Guaratinga and Arraial d'Ajuda

Stage 6 - 34 km - Arraial d'Ajuda

Stage 7 - 75 km - Arraial d'Ajuda:

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  • Podium with all 2016 champions
    (Armin Kuestenbrueck / Brasil Ride)

  • Open general classification podium
    (Armin Kuestenbrueck / Brasil Ride)

  • Ladies general classification podium
    (Armin Kuestenbrueck / Brasil Ride)

  • Mario Roma, Brasil Ride founder
    (Igor Schifris / Brasil Ride)

  • UCI comissaire, Canadian Jim Bratrud
    (Armin Kuestenbrueck / Brasil Ride)

  • Aerial view of Brasil Ride Village in Arraial d'Ajuda
    (Fabio Piva / Brasil Ride)

  • Brasil Ride camp in Guaratinga
    (Fabio Piva / Brasil Ride)

  • Rubber plantation in Guaratinga
    (Armin Kuestenbrueck / Brasil Ride)

  • Beautiful landscape in South Bahia
    (Fabio Piva / Brasil Ride)

  • Shimano's Blue Angels at Brasil Ride
    (Ney Evangelista / Brasil Ride)

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