Hans Becking and José Dias are the winners of Santander Brasil Ride Bahia 2021

Runners-up of the edition are Gustavo Xavier and Alex Malacarne, the best duo in the Americas. Among women, the Germans Naima Diesner and Anna Jördens won the fifth stage in a row and secured the title in Arraial d'Ajuda

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November 2021 - The 11th edition of Santander Brasil Ride Bahia came to a thrilling end this Saturday (13th), in the district of Arraial d'Ajuda, in Porto Seguro. In the main dispute, the open category, Dutchman Hans Becking and Portuguese José Dias, from Buff Scott MTB Team, confirmed their favoritism and guaranteed the title, the fourth of Hans, who isolated himself as the biggest winner in the history of the competition, and the first of José. Among women, the Germans Naima Diesner and Anna Jördens, 9th Wave Cycling Doctore Bike Team, won the last stage to hold champions' trophy of the women’s elite. The final stage was 46.7 km long and had 548 m of accumulated climbing.

Becking and Dias reached the sixth day with a big gap in the lead, almost 20 minutes. Thus, it was up to the duo to just manage the pace, to get back to the Santander Brasil Ride arena, after riding 600 km with 11,000 meters of accumulated climbing since last Sunday (7). "My story with Santander Brasil Ride started about ten years ago, when I came here for the first time and I really enjoyed the race. Having won it four times is incredible," celebrated Hans.

"I feel very good. It was the hardest edition for me, of the four I won. Lucky to have José Dias as a partner, who had the pleasure of winning the race for the first time. It's really cool, I hope to be back soon," said the Dutchman. "As I've been saying, it's been a pretty long season. I’ve used my body to the extreme these days and used the last drop of energy I had on this last stage. The rain made everything more complicated, but it was another beautiful race," added Becking.

Dias did not hide the joy of winning the main premium stage race in the world for the first time in his career. "I am extremely happy to win the Santander Brasil Ride Bahia, a world renowned event. Big names that have won this competition. Being able to be part of this story makes me very happy. I congratulate everyone who competed and I hope to be back in 2022", celebrated José Dias. "Different day, with rain and heavy terrain. We started with the focus on managing our pace, minimizing possible technical problems and savor every moment on the bike," he concluded.

Orange shirt in the last stage -
The women's competition at Santander Brasil Ride Bahia showed that regularity is really important to win the title. After winning the first two stages and leading until the penultimate day, Marcella Toldi and Lutecia Azevedo, from 4Fun Bike Center Team, saw the Germans turn around this Saturday. Naima Diesner and Anna Jördens won the title after having won five straight stages. The difference that was 39 minutes in favor of the Brazilians, turned into 15 minutes off for the Europeans.

"The second stage was horrible, a real carousel of emotions with a broken frame and not knowing if we would continue in the race. We made the best of the situation and pursued this title with everything we had. We reduced the gap day after day. In the seventh stage, we knew that they would go all out on the first climb and that we would have to attack on the first flat. We went alone, Anna and I, knowing it would be a mind game. We had very difficult trails and I'm really happy. After crossing in first, we started the countdown and suddenly we knew we were champions. Riding with Anna is amazing. We are a dream team together", praised Naima.

"A race is like life. One can never give up. Santander Brasil Ride Bahia is such a cool race. Those were very hot days, but the most important thing was that we survived the second stage and then never gave up. The riders in the peloton cheered us up all the time, It was really nice to feel the support from everyone, who helped us with words and encouragement. It's amazing, can’ explain it. I hope to come back. This is the first time of many. I'll come back for sure," said Anna, who crossed the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in her life.
Top 5 of the day

1-Gustavo Xavier/Alex Malacarne - 1h41min31
2-Hans Becking (NDL)/José Dias (POR) - 1h44min39
3-Edson Rezende/Ulan Galinski -1h44min47
4-Sherman Trezza/Lukas Kaufmann - 1h47min19
5-Ricardo Pscheidt/Leandro Donizete - 1h47min40

1-Naima Diesner (GER)/Anna Jördens (GER) - 2h06min35
2-Marcella Toldi/Lutecia Azevedo - 2h25min11
3-Aline Olmedo/Lucineia Brunetta - 2h44min16
4-Ada Pires/Raissa Zortea - 3h09min16
5-Laiana Lacerda/Natalia Radatz - 3h22min14

Top 5 after 7 days

1-Hans Becking (NDL)/José Dias (POR) - 21h15min07
2-Gustavo Xavier/Alex Malacarne - 21h33min32
3-Edson Rezende/Ulan Galinski - 21h35min01
4-Sherman Trezza/Lukas Kaufmann - 21h47min31
5-Andrews Henriques (POR) /Filipe Francisco (POR) - 22h18min05

1-Naima Diesner/Anna Jördens - 28h33min47
2-Marcella Toldi/Lutecia Azevedo - 28h48min53
3-Aline Olmedo/Lucineia Brunetta - 34h46min38
4-Ada Pires/Raissa Zortea - 39h43min00
5-Laiana Lacerda/Natalia Radatz - 41h30min26

Winners in all categories
America Men: Gustavo Xavier e Alex Malacarne
América Women: Marcella Toldi e Lutecia Azevedo
Mista: José Silva e Celina Carpinteiro
Master: Hugo Prado Neto e João Paulo Firmino
Grand Master: Pablo Rodriguez (ARG) e Peter Vessel (SLV)
Nelore: André Costa e Marcius Costa
Corporativa: Wagner Quirino, Enrico Júnior e Carlus Costa
Ironrider: Diogo Malagon e Frederico Zacharias

All the elite champions

2010 - Kristian Hynek (CZE) / Robert Novotney (CZE)
2011 - Kristian Hynek (CZE) / Robert Novotney (CZE)
2012 – Tiago Ferreira (POR) / Luis Pinto (POR)
2013 – Henrique Avancini (BRA) / Sherman Trezza (BRA)
2014 - Hans Becking (NLD) / Jiri Novak (CZE)
2015 – Hans Becking (NLD) / Jiri Novak (CZE)
2016 - Fabian Rabensteiner (ITA) e Alexey Medvedev (RUS)
2017 – Henrique Avancini (BRA) / Jiri Novak (CZE)
2018 – Henrique Avancini (BRA) / Manuel Fumic (GER)
2019 - Tiago Ferreira (POR) / Hans Becking (NLD)
2021 - Hans Becking (NLD) / José Dias (POR)

2010 – Celina Carpinteiro (POR) / Ivonne Kraft (GER)
2011 - Adriana Nascimento (BRA) / Sabrina Gobbo (BRA)
2012 - Adriana Nascimento (BRA) / Daniela Genovesi (BRA)
2013 – Rebecca Rusch (USA) / Selene Yeager (USA)
2014 – Sonya Looney (USA) / Nina Baum (USA)
2015 – Raiza Goulão (BRA) / Viviane Favery (BRA)
2016 – Isabela Lacerda (BRA) / Letícia Cândido (BRA)
2017 – Raiza Goulão (BRA) / Margot Moschetti (FRA)
2018 – Sandra Santaynes (ESP) / Anna Ramirez (ESP)
2019 - Viviane Favery (BRA) /Tania Clair Pickler (BRA)
2021 - Naima Diesner (GER) / Anna Jördens (GER)

The Ministry of Citizenship and the Special Secretariat for Sports present Santander Brasil Ride Bahia, through the Sports Incentive Law. The event, which reaches its 11th edition in 2021, is sponsored by the Government of Bahia, through SETRE (Department of Labor, Income, Employment and Sports), Santander, Specialized, Jeep, Shimano and Unidas. Also the support of Coca Cola, Continental, Full Gas, HB, Garmin, RedBull, Spot, Squirt, Thule, in addition to having the municipalities of Porto Seguro and Guaratinga and Instituto Brasil Ride as institutional supporters of the event.

Santander Brasil Ride: More than a race, a stage in your life.

More information about Santander Brasil Ride:

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  • Men's podium
    (Wladimir Togumi / Santander Brasil Ride)

  • Hans Becking and José Dias
    (Marcelo Margani / Santander Brasil Ride)

  • Men's elite during the race
    (Wladimir Togumi / Santander Brasil Ride)

  • Women's podium
    (Wladimir Togumi / Santander Brasil Ride)

  • Anna Jördens and Naima Diesner
    (Marcelo Maragni / Santander Brasil Ride)

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José Dias (POR) and Marcella Toldi (BRA) win the Santander Brasil Ride Bahia XCO

Xavier and Malacarne completed the men's top 3, while the women's podium had Germany's Jördens and Diesner. Decision will be on Saturday morning, during the Discovery Marathon


Gustavo Xavier and Alex Malacarne win stage coming back to Arraial d'Ajuda at Santander Brasil Ride Bahia

Fifth stage was decided in the final sprint, with three teams fighting for the win. Rezende/Galinsi and Becking/Dias completed the top 3. Among the women, the Germans reduced the gap to 5 minutes behind the leaders, Marcella Toldi and Lutecia Azevedo


Santander Brasil Ride Bahia: "Queen Stage" with Hans Becking and José Dias win, recovering leader jersey

The fourth in seven stages was disputed this Wednesday morning in Guaratinga (BA), in the last day of camp. Next Thursday (11), the race has its longest stage, with more than 140 Km returing to Arraial d'Ajuda


Santander Brasil Ride Bahia rookies, Gustavo Xavier and Alex Malacarne win stage for the first time

In the dispute for the lead, Sherman Trezza and Lukas Kaufmann increased the slack in the lead, going from 46 seconds to 1:48. Among women, Germans Naima Diesner and Anna Jördens won for the first time

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