24-Hour Solo MTB World Championship celebrates success of the first edition in Latin America

Mario Roma and Russ Baker
(Ney Evangelista / Brasil Ride)

Mario Roma in the pump track
(Ney Evangelista / Brasil Ride)

Mario Roma and the Major
(Ney Evangelista / Brasil Ride)

Russ Baker
(Ney Evangelista / Brasil Ride)

Cory Wallace
(Ney Evangelista / Brasil Ride)

Gaia Ravaioli
(Ney Evangelista / Brasil Ride)

Mexican rider
(Ney Evangelista / Brasil Ride)

Victor Luise, PCD athlete
(Ney Evangelista / Brasil Ride)

The event Jersey
(Ney Evangelista / Brasil Ride)

Single speed bike
(Ney Evangelista / Brasil Ride)

World Championship Village
(Fabio Piva / Brasil Ride)

Quarry Tractors
(Ney Evangelista / Brasil Ride)

Race during the night
(Ney Evangelista / Brasil Ride)

Trail Run Series
(Fabio Piva / Brasil Ride)

Runner and cyclist during Sunday morning
(Fabio Piva / Brasil Ride)

Costa Rica (MS) gathered, between Saturday and Sunday (27 and 28), more than 650 athletes from 12 countries and 18 Brazilian states, including mountain bikers and trail runners, held in parallel to the cycling event

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Costa Rica (MS) - "I'm very happy with the race." "The organization of Mario Roma was fantastic and I was expecting it." "The arena infrastructure was very good, the best I have ever seen in a WEMBO race." "About the live stream, the best we've ever had." The above statements, spoken by the president of the World Mountain Bike Endurance Organisation (WEMBO), Australian Russ Baker, set the tone for what was the 24-Hours Solo MTB World Championship, held on July 27 and 28 in Costa Rica (MS). One detail gives even more weight to the comments of the leader: it was the first time that Latin America received the competition. More than 650 sportsmen attended the event from 12 countries and 18 Brazilian states. Five hundred of them competed in the bike race, while another 150 competed in the Brasil Ride Trail Run Series.

After just over 24 hours of competition, Canadian Cory Wallace and Italy's Gaia Ravaioli were crowned world champions in the elite. However, in the other categories, whether by age or specific, such as PCD (people with disabilities), which debuted at the event, or single speed, there was no lack of excitement and high level disputes to define the total of 21 champions in season. 55- to 59-year-old owner of the title, Mario Roma, 24-Hour Solo MTB World Championship organizer and founder of Brasil Ride, celebrated the success of the competition.

"I congratulate and thank not only Costa Rica for having welcomed the 24-hour World Cup so well and with open arms, but also the cyclists who participated in the event, which will surely transform their lives. I also competed and concluded 14 laps, over 400 km without getting off the bike for a minute. To do sporting events you need to have people who believe and encourage. Without it, we would not have the World Championship in Brazil, nor in Costa Rica. I made sure that WEMBO Russ Baker and Mayor Waldeli dos Santos Rosa were honored. They are true supporters of the sport, "said Mario Roma.

WEMBO Review
Like some of the world champion athletes who have not stopped cycling or resting during the 24-hour event, WEMBO President Russ Baker has not slept at night between Saturday and Sunday. He closely followed the whole movement of the race and did not hide his satisfaction.

"I was very happy with the race. The organization of Mario Roma was fantastic and I was expecting it from the number of events he organizes. The infrastructure of the arena was very good, the best I've ever seen in a WEMBO race, Very professional. For the cyclists, the services presented were great. I could see that in the pits and witness the way they were served by the members of the organization. The transport to the arena also impressed me positively, with buses running all day to get people to the venue, "said Russ.

"At night it was very calm in the arena. I do not know how many people in Brazil usually compete in a 24-hour race, but I felt that when night fell, many thought: 'Maybe this is harder than we thought' and decided to get some rest It was also great to see how the event received media and also how the live broadcast was made, the best we ever had ", commented the president of WEMBO.

The following countries were represented in the World Solo MTB 24h Championship: Brazil, Canada, USA, Italy, UK, Paraguay, Ukraine, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal, Australia and Uruguay. With the total of 241 participants in solo dispute, 2019 edition overcomes the world of Scotland, in 2018, when 151 cyclists were in the country UK, in Fort William.

"The event and the whole city are to be congratulated. Some said the circuit would be easy because it was flatter and no one repeated it after the competition. It was difficult. People were tired in the end, they made a lot of effort," said Russ. "The World Championship was good for the city. Not only for everything that happened over the weekend, but for what will happen in the future. Costa Rica wants to promote itself as a sports venue and that's a good way to do it. World Cup will bring exposure on the international stage for them. The best way to have a positive exposure is for athletes to go home and tell what they have lived for their friends, "he concluded.

Mayor was also pleased
Mayor of Costa Rica in the fourth term - the first two were between 2001 and 2008, and in the second consecutive term, started in 2013 - Waldeli dos Santos Rosa highlighted the importance of the World Championship for the municipality of Mato Grosso do Sul.

"The 24h Solo MTB World Championship 2019 was a great success. A competition that will be marked in the history of Costa Rica, with the participation of many foreign and Brazilian athletes. A watershed in the international tourism of Costa Rica, as well as days with a lot of movement in hotels, commerce and restaurants, warming the local economy, generating jobs and income for our people," said Waldeli.

"And the realization of events of this magnitude only exists with partnerships, so I thank Mario Roma and his team from Brasil Ride; WEMBO President Russ Baker; all from the Municipal Government, police forces and staff. Together we did a great event," concluded.

Trail Run Series
As the athletes cycled the last kilometers on Sunday morning, 150 runners started for the fourth leg of the Brazil Ride Trail Run Series, with three distinct distances. In the 21 km, main category, the top 3 among men was Valdemar Camilo de Lima (1:23:09), Delmiro Gonzaga (1:23:46) and William José da Silva (1:27:11). In the female, the podium had Maira Brum (1h42min39), Camila da Silva (1h46min15) and Adriana Vaz (1h57min11). At 16 km, Douglas Pollo (1h15min40) and Sandra Duarte (1h33in29) were the fastest, and at 7.5km, Rudney Bizerra (36min55) and Maria Betania Santos (43min17) were the first to complete the distance.

All Solo World Champions
In the MTB 24h Solo World Championship 2019, the champions were: Cory Wallace and Gaia Ravaioli (elite); Luisa Silveira and Felipe Nonato (under-23); Katia Cristina and Anycleison Cavalcante (23-29 years); Valeria Crema and Bruno Nunes (30 to 34 years old); Julia Ribeiro and Carlos Henrique Paixão (35 to 39 years old); Julyana Machado and Leandro Rambo (40 to 44 years old); Ana Paula Pereira and Juliano Gehrke (45 to 49 years old); Claudia Fiess and Valter Paes (50 to 54 years old); Brigitte Giurizzatti and Mario Roma (55 to 59 years old); Dennis Smaggus (over-60); Bruno Paim (PCD); Andrew Howett (single speed).

The World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championship was organized by Brasil Ride, with the seal of Wembo (World Endurance Mountain Biking Organization) and has Costa Rica (MS) as city headquarters. Sponsors are Land Rover, Shimano, Specialized and Unidas - car hire. Conect Car, Full Gas, LAF brokerage insurance, La Maglia, Oakley, Garmin, Squirt, Shop2gether, Red Bull and Thule are supporters.

Brasil Ride: More than a race, a stage in your life.

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